ASP Uploader


Select multiple files for upload
ASP Uploader allows you to select and upload multiple files at once rather than having to select and upload each file individually.
Client side validation of the file size/type before uploading
Client side validation of file size/types prior to uploading the files to a server to increase usability and reduce consumption of network and server resources.
Supports AJAX Uploads without PostBack
ASP Uploader allows you to upload files to web server without refreshing the page.
Allows uploads to be cancelled by end-users
With ASP Uploader, end-users can easily cancel upload process at any time.
Real time progress bar
ASP Uploader has real time progress bar which keeps track of every file upload and allows end-users to watch how much of your file has been uploaded.
Persist uploaded file through postback
ASP Uploader can hold an object temporarily and you can save it anytime you want.
Automatic File Validation
ASP Uploader automatically validate the size, extension and the file name of the uploaded files.
Simplified application integration and development
ASP Uploader includes a variety of classes and components which allow complete control over the uploading process.
Customizable Appearance
The look and feel of File Upload controls can be customized to seamlessly blend into your website design.
Cross platform, Cross browsers
Runs on Classic ASP, supports all major browsers; If you attempt to use ASP Uploader using a downlevel browser it will display a regular upload control.
Asynchronous file upload
Web page hosting your application remains perfectly responsive and usable throughout the transfer. This allows the user to work on other part of the page while the uploading is in progress.
Hi-Performance with optimized memory usage
ASP Uploader implements many optimization approaches in processing uploaded files which consumes low CPU and memory resources of IIS server.
Pure ASP File Upload without external components
ASP Uploader is written in pure ASP code. So you do not need to install/register any components on IIS server.
This control is also available for ASP.NET!

Ajax Uploader for .NET
This control is also available for PHP!

PHP File Uploader